In September 2015 Faffa launched its partnership with Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, the New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative owned by over 10,000 New Zeland farmers to package Anchor powdered milk in Ethiopia. The brand will replace Faffa’s Abay milk at a much higher capacity. While the production plant will be at Faffa Food Share Co., the main office is located on Welsoefer road. The exciting partnership will not only supply consumers with milk powder of international quality but will contribute to reducing malnutrition and building the capacity of local manufacturing.

During the launching ceremony of the product held on August 16, 2015 at Sheraton Addis Hotel, the State Minister for Industry, Mebrhatu Meles, stated:

“Enabling Anchor Fortified Milk Drink to begin production as the first ever milk powder dry blending plant in Ethiopia will play a significant role in the national goal of ending child malnutrition by 2030”(Addis Fortune, 2015)

In the press release issued by Fonterra, the milk powder is intended to provide affordable high quality diary nutrition to Ethiopian families. While Fonterra supplies its world-class diary expertise, Faffa contributes its local food processing knowledge to lower costs and penetrate the market easily. More importantly, one glass of Anchor Fortified Milk Drink (suitable for children above the age of one):

“contains more than 30 nutrients that help a child’s growth and development, including protein, calcium, vitamins A and D, iron and zinc. These nutrients are deemed essential by the Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia as part of a recommended daily diet for Ethiopian children as they improve bone and tooth health and are important for muscle and nerve function” (, 2015)

Future plans, as stated in the press release, is to sell 30 million dollars worth of powdered milk and eventually start packaging liquid milk and export 20pc of its annual production to other African countries where Anchor is not available.