To play a leading role in building mentally and physically capable generation by producing highly nutritional value products while becoming an internationally competitive business entity.
Our mission is to deliver nutritious and healthy food products to tackle malnutrition in Ethiopia, with a reputation for excellence and outstanding service to our customers local and abroad. We seek to deliver our mission through healthy financial rewards to shareholders and through the provision of opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity.
Currently the company is working in close relationship with Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute especially with maize research institute for production of more quality maize in the country. By doing so the company is encouraging farmers to produce better quality ordinary and yellow maize. The factory is serving as an additional market for the farmers who produce quality maize. The company is also working and would like to work with individual farmers and cooperatives to improve the current value chain management system so that farmers, processors, consumers and the country at large benefit from the system. 
Besides the current product portfolio, the company plans to produce pasta products mainly made out of local inputs. Since Ethiopia is a wheat producing country, production of pasta products is an opportunity. The company also has a plan to increase its wheat flour production to satisfy the demand of the market. Side by side with the increase in wheat flour production, the company has a plan to do more flour fortification. This will provide consumers with better access to nutritious food. Additionally, Faffa hopes to export its products to other African countries and further tackle malnutrition across the continent.
Faffa is home to 198 employees of which 61 are female and 137 are male. About 50% of the female and 30% of the male employees have worked in FAFFA for more than 20 years. The high retention rate of the company is attributed to its reputable legacy, its hospitable working environment and its dedicated contribution to tackling malnutrition and food insecurity in Ethiopia. Our employees are directly connected to the cause and continuously work hard to carry Faffa’s legacy.


FAFFA Food Share Company, for over 50 years, has been and continues to be a pioneer of the food processing industry in Ethiopia. The company aims to reduce the risk of malnutrition among children by producing low cost high protein food for children who are being weaned from breast milk. Faffa is one of the top suppliers of baby foods for Ethiopian children, including fortified foods and breakfast cereals. It is the only choice for many Ethiopian families. While it’s commercial products provide the needed nutrition for children to be mentally, and physically healthy, it is also one of the main suppliers of relief products to areas afflicted by malnutrition and in severe cases, famine. Our overall goal is to produce and sell various kinds of pre-cooked baby foods, semi-cooked supplementary foods, protein enriched fortified flours emergency foods and related products of high nutritional value that are also affordable in response to the growing demands of consumers.  Looking into the future, the company is planning to produce new products and remain competitive and strongly focused on consumer satisfaction by providing the healthiest and most nutritious food products to the public.

Although, the company started as an Ethio-Swedish joint venture in 1962, it was privatized in August 2009 and is now owned by Petram Private Limited Company.  Under the new ownership, Faffa Foods Company has expanded its capacity, diversified and introduced new products.  Its current production capacity is 23,000 Ton/annum. The company also has implemented food safety and quality management system (ISO 22,000-2005) certified by RSA SABS.